Divorce – Do It Right

Divorce – Do It Right

  • What Husbands Need To Know Before Initiating A Divorce

    While women are historically more likely to initiate divorce than men, modern statutes have done a lot to balance the scales during the dissolution of a marriage. What usually ends up tipping them back again is a lack of effort, willingness or knowledge on the part of men to fight for marital property, custody and spousal support. Going into a divorce unprepared is foolhardy under the best circumstances, but if you're a father fighting for custody of your kids, it's an even worse decision.

  • Child Support: 5 Ways To Appropriately Spend Your Child's Support Payments

    You're finally divorced and the courts have granted you primary custody of your children. You've also be granted child support but you're not sure what you can use it for. You don't want to get in trouble with the courts by using it for unauthorized expenditures. Here's a list that will help you understand what you can use child support for. Living Expenses If you have custody of your children, you're going to be spending much more than the child support you receive.

  • Recently Separated? Who's Responsible For The Bills?

    One of the many issues that occur among recently separated couples involves handling debts incurred throughout the marriage. With a typical relationship spanning years, it can be difficult to determine which party is legally obligated to take care of those debts. The following offers in-depth information on how debts are likely to be split up amongst each spouse, if they're split up at all. Determining Responsibility under the Necessities Doctrine

  • Faqs About Child Support Calculations

    One problem that can occur when a custodial and non-custodial parent are trying to negotiate child support is determining what is fair. Ideally, both parents will reach an agreement on what is called for and submit it to the court for approval. However, if you and the other parent cannot make the decision together, a judge will. Before asking a judge to calculate the payments, here is what you need to know.

  • Prepare Yourself for Your Divorce by Doing These 3 Things

    By the time you decide that your marriage is over, you may be eager to start the divorce proceedings right away. However, going through a divorce can be a stressful time for you. Before you file for divorce, here are some things to do so you can make things a little easier. Set a Budget for Yourself  One of the first things to be aware of is that your financial situation may change as a result of your divorce.

  • About Me

    Divorce – Do It Right

    Hello. My name is Stephanie Laurel. I have recently been through a divorce, and although I don’t wish it on anyone, I do wish that everyone could come out of the proceedings feeling they have been taken care of. My husband and I had been married twenty-eight years. We have four children, two of which are still under eighteen years of age. We owned the home we lived in and had a vacation home in a different state. We are civilized people, we get along fairly well considering, but no matter how much we thought we could go through the divorce process without lawyers, it wasn't possible. We each hired a divorce attorney to represent us. Most of the negotiations went well, but when we hit a rough spot the attorneys took over. Thank goodness. I’m going to share more about the experience and hope it helps you.