Divorce – Do It Right

Divorce – Do It Right

  • Child Support Issues As An Unemployed Parent

    If you are unemployed, you might think that the court can excuse you when it comes to child support payments. However, nothing could be further from the truth. You need to know more about child support and why unemployment won't erase the payments. Below are some things to note about unemployment and child support.   Expect Imputed Income The first thing you should know is that you are not off the hook for child support obligations just because you currently don't have a job.

  • 4 Things To Avoid Doing When Preparing To File For A Divorce

    Divorce is common, and it often happens peacefully. However, there are things that should be avoided right before filing for divorce.  1. Avoid making major financial investments.  You may need a new car, a new house to live in, or even a new computer system. However, it is best to prolong these kinds of investments until after the divorce. Properties obtained while the marriage was still intact can be considered joint property, which means you may have to sell what you just bought and split the money.

  • Six Things You Should Know About Alimony In A Divorce

    Getting divorced can be stressful and complicated. This is even more true in situations where alimony negotiations are involved. Divorcing spouses need to know the following six things about alimony in a divorce before they get started with negotiations: The spouse who earns less will be granted alimony if there is an alimony negotiation in the divorce. Alimony is designed to allow both spouses in a divorce to maintain the same lifestyle they had while married despite differences in income level.

  • Tips For Handling Your Child Support Situation

    The biggest problem that comes with a divorce is that it puts two parents at odds. You both probably know that you need to stay a presence in your children's lives, but it can sometimes be hard to put aside the differences you have with each other in the meantime. After you part ways, you need to still think of yourselves as business partners. As such, child support is one of the major points that come into play.

  • Did Your Spouse Punish Your Child With Physical Abuse: Find A Safe Space And Call A Lawyer Now

    If your spouse has done something unimaginable and physically abused your child as a form of punishment, you want to get a lawyer and you want to get away from them with your child as safely as you can. If you aren't sure what the safest option is to get away with your child or how you can make sure that you are both protected, these things that you will want to talk with the lawyer about.

  • About Me

    Divorce – Do It Right

    Hello. My name is Stephanie Laurel. I have recently been through a divorce, and although I don’t wish it on anyone, I do wish that everyone could come out of the proceedings feeling they have been taken care of. My husband and I had been married twenty-eight years. We have four children, two of which are still under eighteen years of age. We owned the home we lived in and had a vacation home in a different state. We are civilized people, we get along fairly well considering, but no matter how much we thought we could go through the divorce process without lawyers, it wasn't possible. We each hired a divorce attorney to represent us. Most of the negotiations went well, but when we hit a rough spot the attorneys took over. Thank goodness. I’m going to share more about the experience and hope it helps you.