Divorce – Do It Right

Divorce – Do It Right

  • Three Things You Should Do Before Reversing A Separation Agreement

    When a couple goes through the trouble of attaining a legal separation, it's usually just one stop before they actually get a full divorce. Sometimes, though, couples decide they're better together than they were apart and choose to reconcile. Before you rush down to the courthouse to get your separation agreement invalidated, however, here are three things you need to do first. Make Sure You're Not Wearing Graduation Goggles There's an interesting phenomenon that happens when people are about to end relationships with others.

  • Errors In Divorce Papers That Can Derail The Legal Process

    When it comes to filing divorce papers, you need to get everything right and consistent in all the documents. A "simple" error can set you back days or even weeks and add more expenses to your divorce process. Here are some of the common errors that you should watch out for: Name Inconsistency People write their names differently depending on situations and places. For example, how you write your name on social media may be different from the way you write it on your school papers.

  • 3 Signs That You Might Be Eligible For Spousal Support

    Even though you might have heard of spousal support, which is also commonly known as alimony, you might have never thought that it would apply to your situation. If you are in the process of getting a divorce, however, you should know that there is a chance that you could be owed alimony by your soon-to-be ex-spouse. These are a few signs that you might be eligible for this type of support after your divorce:

  • Some Support Would Be Helpful: 3 Things You Need To Know About Alimony

    Divorce can be devastating. Not only can it wreak havoc on your emotions and self-esteem, it can also wreak havoc on your financial well-being. Alimony provides you with the opportunity to receive monthly payments from your ex. The amount of support you'll receive will depend on how long you were married and which state you resided in at the time of the divorce. In Florida, if you've been married longer than 17 years, you may be entitled to permanent spousal support, meaning you'll receive monthly payments from your ex for the rest of your life.

  • Things To Keep In Mind If You're Divorcing Later In Life

    Divorce can be a painful and overwhelming process, no matter how old you are or how long you have been married. However, if you are divorcing later in life after being married for a long time, there are some unique circumstances you need to consider. Here are some things to remember when you are divorcing in your golden years. You Can Still Collect Social Security Income is often a difficult thing to deal with when you divorce later in life after not having been employed for a long time.

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    Divorce – Do It Right

    Hello. My name is Stephanie Laurel. I have recently been through a divorce, and although I don’t wish it on anyone, I do wish that everyone could come out of the proceedings feeling they have been taken care of. My husband and I had been married twenty-eight years. We have four children, two of which are still under eighteen years of age. We owned the home we lived in and had a vacation home in a different state. We are civilized people, we get along fairly well considering, but no matter how much we thought we could go through the divorce process without lawyers, it wasn't possible. We each hired a divorce attorney to represent us. Most of the negotiations went well, but when we hit a rough spot the attorneys took over. Thank goodness. I’m going to share more about the experience and hope it helps you.