Divorce – Do It Right

Divorce – Do It Right

Did Your Spouse Punish Your Child With Physical Abuse: Find A Safe Space And Call A Lawyer Now

by Joyce Diaz

If your spouse has done something unimaginable and physically abused your child as a form of punishment, you want to get a lawyer and you want to get away from them with your child as safely as you can. If you aren't sure what the safest option is to get away with your child or how you can make sure that you are both protected, these things that you will want to talk with the lawyer about. Here are your next actions to take so you can make sure that your child isn't harmed again.

Find a Safe Place to Stay

You first need to find a safe place to stay. This could be somewhere with family or friends that you can trust, where you can hide your vehicle. Make sure that you turn off all GPS locating options on your phone and that all of your children do the same. This way it isn't easy for your spouse to be able to track you.

Meet with a Lawyer to Get Protection

Call a family lawyer and let them know that you need an emergency appointment. When you meet with the lawyer you will want to provide:

  • The full information about your spouse with location details for home and work
  • Pictures of the abuse or even your child in person to go over the incident
  • Evidence of other types of violence, threats, or harm that has been done

The lawyer will need to file for the protection and no contact order, and you will need to make a police report of the incident that took place so the judge can use the report to evaluate the case and to grant the protection order.

Notify the School

You will have to notify the child's school of what is going on so that they aren't able to get into the building to see your child and so they don't try to pick the child up or attend events of the child's. This can be stressful or even embarrassing, but this is something that should be done for the safety of the child.

You want to act before there is another incident and before something else happens that you regret and that could have been avoided if you just filed a report and met with a lawyer. Don't let your spouse harm you or your child again, and find a safe place to get protection.

For more information, reach out to law firms like the Law Office of Leonard Ernest Kerr.


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