Divorce – Do It Right

Divorce – Do It Right

The ABCs Of Effectively Communicating Your Desires For A Prenup Agreement

by Joyce Diaz

Even though a prenuptial agreement is a logical way to keep your personal assets and finances protected from the usual binding laws of marriage, don't be surprised if bringing the idea up to your soon-to-be husband or wife gives them a small inkling of doubt.

Because a prenup clearly outlines what would happen financially in a divorce, some partners may feel like your desire to have one is just a looming cloud of doubt in your mind about whether or not the relationship will even last. In order to bring up the topic without making your partner feel like you are already thinking so much about divorce, there is a simple ABC rule set that you should follow. 

Always bring up the idea of a prenuptial agreement early in the relationship. 

Instead of waiting until marriage is a definite thing and you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time, bring up the idea of a prenup early on. The earlier you can express your ideas about a prenup in the relationship, the less likely it will be that your partner assumes the idea you have is due to something that they have done wrong. 

Be sure you make the agreement about both of you, not just you alone. 

When you initially bring up the idea of a prenup, and even beyond that, make sure that you make the prenup about protecting both of your assets and not just your own. Choose an attorney together, go to the initial meeting together, and make it possible for both of you to create your own prenup agreement requirements. If you can play the prenup idea off as something that you believe is a good decision for both of you, your partner will not be as likely to think that you are just looking out for yourself. 

Communicate your concerns effectively, without focusing on the big "D" word. 

Bringing up divorce even remotely when you are facing marriage is not a good idea. This is often a bitter topic that will just leave bad feelings lingering in the mind of your partner and may make them assume that you are contemplating divorce even before you walk down the aisle. When you do bring up your desires to get a prenuptial agreement before marriage, keep the focus of the conversation more about why you want to protect what you have and less about what would happen if the two of you parted ways. Contact an attorney, like Joanna Cobleigh Esq, for more information.


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Divorce – Do It Right

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