Divorce – Do It Right

Divorce – Do It Right

  • Understanding the Process of Divorce Mediation

    Divorces can be incredibly stressful and emotional, but there is an alternative to the traditional courtroom battles — divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is a process where a neutral third party facilitates communication and negotiations, helping couples reach a mutually acceptable agreement. This post explores the step-by-step process of divorce mediation to provide you with a better understanding of how it works. Divorce mediation is a voluntary and non-adversarial approach to resolving disputes in a divorce.

  • When Love Ends: Divorce Mistakes That Could Cost You

      The path of divorce is often strewn with obstacles that, if not navigated carefully, can lead to regrettable mistakes. These errors can cause significant financial and emotional distress. This article compiles a list of some common divorce mistakes to avoid, providing you with the knowledge you need to traverse this difficult journey more smoothly. Letting Emotions Rule Divorce is, by nature, an emotionally charged process. It signifies the end of a relationship that once held promise and can stir up a whirlwind of feelings, from anger and resentment to sadness and despair.

  • 4 Ways A Child Custody Attorney Can Help With A Parental Alienation Case

    After you and your significant other part ways, it can take some time for your kids to adjust. It's often normal for kids to be hurt, angry, or even downright rude to one - or both - parents after a divorce or breakup. However, these feelings generally fade over time. If they don't, you may be dealing with parental alienation. Parental alienation occurs when one parent attempts to turn the children against the other parent.

  • Getting An Uncontested Divorce

    An "uncontested divorce" refers to a divorce that settles out of court. According to Forbes, 90% of divorces are uncontested divorces, as going to court often costs more money than its worth. However, that doesn't mean uncontested divorces don't include drama and extra expenses. Learn more about getting an uncontested divorce.   How do you initiate an uncontested divorce? An uncontested divorce generally occurs when both parties have come to an agreement regarding finances and child custody.

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Divorce – Do It Right

Hello. My name is Stephanie Laurel. I have recently been through a divorce, and although I don’t wish it on anyone, I do wish that everyone could come out of the proceedings feeling they have been taken care of. My husband and I had been married twenty-eight years. We have four children, two of which are still under eighteen years of age. We owned the home we lived in and had a vacation home in a different state. We are civilized people, we get along fairly well considering, but no matter how much we thought we could go through the divorce process without lawyers, it wasn't possible. We each hired a divorce attorney to represent us. Most of the negotiations went well, but when we hit a rough spot the attorneys took over. Thank goodness. I’m going to share more about the experience and hope it helps you.